CWST eObjectives

This Specific Support Action organized a series of high quality scientific conferences, workshops, seminars, tutorials and meetings to support the objectives of eInclusion in relation to eAccessibility and Design for All in FP6.

Equal access for all, universal usability of mainstream technologies and in addition the enhancement of special assistive devices have become key issues in the information society. As a rather young field and especially because of social, political and economic circumstances it often lacks of having specific high quality scientific events. Such events are an important means to establish a scientific community, to develop in terms of R & D and interdisciplinary co-operation and to generate the political, social and economic impact needed.

FP6 and eInclusion outline the importance of these specific (assistive technology) but also cross sector (eAccessibility, Design for All) activities. Therefore CWST will support the success of eInclusion projects and activities by providing opportunities for publication and dissemination (proceedings, "best paper" journals, award, ...)

The consortium included experienced organisations responsible for well established events, journals and other publications which have helped to develop the field over the last years (ICCHP, AAATE, CVHI, OCG). It was proposed to further develop these activities and thereby to support FP6 and eInclusion. CWST provided information on the state of the art and future developments to support the strategic planning of eInclusion.