Document Repository

The Document Repository ADL

For the Students at Kepler University Linz we create a Document Repository called ADL (Accessible Digital Learningmaterial)


The ADL is based on the kownledgetree kt-dms.
The project-page you find here.


Download the Knowledge Tree Document Managent System:
Linux installer : kt-ce-linux-universal-installer-3.7.tgz   (2.9 KB)
Windows installer : files/file/kt-ce-win-   (323,5 MB)
Source code : files/file/   (61,3 MB)


The idea was to have a digital document repository to store all information which are
relevant to AT.
All important information, documents and multimedia data about events concerning
Assistive Technology should be collected in one database. Every organiser should
have access just for the events he/she is responsible for. The information should be
available on the Web. Important issues are policy management, full text indexing and
tagging documents with additional meta information. This information is important for
prioritising the search results.

Based on this idea the "Institut Integriert Studieren" set up such a digital repository to store
copies of all documents for the blind and visually impaired students at the Kepler University.

This repository is not public. Thats why we create a seperate CWST-area in the repository and put
some CWST documents that everybody can try out the features of the system.

This repository you find here:


The mainfeatures of the knowledgetree systems are:

  • Simple & intuitive web-interface
  • Thumbnail and Instant View document preview functionality that
    allows you to see what’s in a document before downloading it from the repository
  • Professional translations in Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese,
    French, German and Italian (Japanese for commercial users)
  • Drag & drop documents from your Microsoft® Windows® desktop
  • Configurable electronic signatures to assist with compliance
  • Document shortcuts (link to a document in another folder)
  • Access KnowledgeTree from Microsoft® Office applications,
    third-party WebDav clients & all web browsers
  • Customizable dashboard (displaying subscriptions, pending documents,
    checked-out documents, quick links & more)
  • Unlimited documents, folders, workflows, document properties, document types,
    roles, groups and users provide space for ample storage and collaboration
  • Create users, groups & roles that map to your organization’s structure & processes
  • Role or group-based permission structure & workflow assignment
  • Notifications of changes made to documents & folders
  • Notify selected roles or groups when action on a workflow is required
  • Automatically trigger workflows for specific folders or document types
  • Chain multiple workflows together or automatically copy and move
    documents on designated workflow states.
  • Collaborate using threaded document discussion forums
  • Email documents from within the application to internal users or email a
    one-time download link to external users
  • Create tags for documents, browse documents by tag cloud and view organization-wide tag clouds
  • Create and capture unlimited custom document properties for easy search & archiving
  • Upload documents in bulk using ZIP files or import from existing directory locations
  • Create Hot Folders for importing documents and their metadata from your
    existing applications, fax servers, and scanners
  • Document versioning, with previous versions of documents available in a version history
  • Visually compare versions of document contents and properties
  • Implement your organization’s custom document numbering schemes
  • Manage own system help content
  • Full text search on numerous document types (Microsoft Office, PDF,
    OpenOffice, XML, HTML, RTF, text)
  • Simple & Boolean Search all document fields (including “author”, “date modified”,
    “custom fields”, “workflow” and “file type”)
  • Create saved searches which can be used by other users
  • Define document type alerts to remind yourself and other users of time-based events,
    including contract expiry, document retention periods and reviews
  • Search for JPEG or TIFF data embedded by scanners & digital cameras
  • Scan and securely store all paper documents
  • Text content of paper documents is OCR’ed & indexed for searching