Workshop 08b

7. January 2009 - 8. January 2009
Klaus Miesenberger
University of Linz, Institute Integriert Studieren
University of Linz

Organising Accessible Conferences

Scientific conferences and meetings belong to the most important communication opportunities among researchers. They provide the possibility for scientists to present and to discuss their work with other specialists in the concerned area.
Because of the major significance of these events it is very important to guarantee that all people / scientists interested in a participation have the equal possibility to do so - regardless if they have specific needs or not.
Generally, the organisation of meetings and conferences inherently means a large number of tasks which need to be considered. If one plans the organisation of accessible events, one needs to consider additional tasks.
The outcome of this workshop will be a handbook which will list and explain a detail of accessible events in order to give meaningful hints how to prepare an accessible event. As conferences are the largest scientific events on can prepare and of a wide range of knowledge in this area, the proposals mostly apply to realise accessible conferences.

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