Workshop 08a

25. September 2008 - 26. September 2008
Renzo Andrich
Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus
Milano, Italy

Socio-economic assessment of assistive technology in service delivery practice

AAATE International Workshop 2008


International Workshop

Socio-economic assessment of assistive technology
in service delivery practice

Milano, Italy, 25-26 September, 2008

Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus
Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for evidence of the cost-effectiveness of assistive technologies. Policy makers and financing agencies need such information to properly allocate resources, control how efficiently they are used, stimulate the market, identify priority areas for research, understand possible wider implications at an overall societal level; professionals working in health care and social services - within today's climate of accountability calling for evidence based practice - need to know whether their AT choices have proved effective within the rehabilitation programme, useful for the client, and efficient in using resources; industrialists need evidence of the added value their products or services may offer in comparison to those of other competitors; users and user organisations require to be fully involved in decision making processes and bring their expertise in this discussion. Studies on this subject started to appear in literature quite recently. Most of them are still struggling with fundamental research questions; others work at developing, field-testing and validating specific instruments or methodologies; overall, knowledge has greatly advanced on this topic in the recent years. However, it seems that transfer of such knowledge into policy development and service delivery practice is still in the early stages. The AAATE 2008 International Workshop offered a significant contribution on this issue. It brought together experts from all over the world that have developed expertise in this subject or are carrying out significant field experiences. The workshop included invited speakers, round table and discussion sessions. It gave the opportunity to all participants to learn from each other's experience, to investigate how socio-economic assessment mechanisms could be integrated into service delivery practice, and discuss possible roadmaps for all actors involved, including the AAATE, to promote advancement on this topic.

Workshop programme and abstracts
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Workshop Press Release
Type of file: pdf (33 Kb)
Jan Persson - Cost effectiveness of AT: applications and importance in policy development
Type of file: pdf (106 Kb)
Lorenzo Mantovani - Evidence of AT outcomes: what can we learn from pharmacoeconomics
Type of file: pdf (1669 Kb)
Renzo Andrich - The AT cost side: how to measure the social cost of AT interventions ?
Type of file: pdf (567 Kb)
Gert Jan Gelderblom - Outcomes assessment: the missing link
Type of file: pdf (801 Kb)
Paul Timmers and Francois Junique - Assistive Technology a bright future in Europe?
Type of file: pdf (411 Kb)
Ulf Keijer - Assistive Technology in the Ordinary Living. Cost and benefit studies
Type of file: pdf (217 Kb)
Ricard Barbera - Assistive products in Home Assistive Services: analysis of costs and benefits
Type of file: pdf (176 Kb)
Ingrid Schraner - Issues with cost-effectiveness analyses of AT based on the ICF
Type of file: pdf (114 Kb)
James Lenker - AT-ISI: a tool for quantifying mobility related AT devices and services
Type of file: pdf (190 Kb)
Valerio Gower and Massimo Memmola - Economic models for AT service delivery
Type of file: pdf (601 Kb)
Aoife Callan - Willingness to Pay for Technology: Findings from an Irish Pilot Study
Type of file: pdf (54 Kb)
Minutes of the final brainstorm
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