International Concertation Meeting 5

10. July 2008
Klaus Miesenberger
ICM 2008
Linz, Austria

This meeting will follow up the discussion of the meeting at CSUN in March this year and discuss topics like:

  • Activities around the globe, new events (everybody)
  • List of events including (everybody: own events and information about others)
    • Single event/annual/biannual/no specific sequence
    • Planned for which area: Global/continent/country
    • Main target group (all disabilities or specific, scientific/end user/industry)
    • Expected number of participants
  • Efficient cross marketing
    • “related events” page to link into or to download information (Klaus)
    • Distribution of folder and information (Klaus)
  • Formalizing the co-operation of “International Conference Organizers in Assistive Technology”
    • Calling for keynote speakers, topics, etc.
    • Archive of contributions to AT conferences (Klaus)
    • Co-operation in “history in AT” (Klaus)
    • Memorandum of understanding
    • Quality Assessment
    • Conference tool exchange
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